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Ramsay's hospital fee is $450. That can't cover everything you would have to spend if you had to go to a hospital yourself or spend that much money on your own. But if you pay $500 to get your doctor at Ramsay, it means that you spend exactly $50. That's what a higher deductible means for your care.

How do you know if your hospital fee for an emergency room or surgery is unreasonable? Because medical bills don't start at zero, an annual adjustment process starts on day one of medical leave or if you receive a new appointment or a family member or friend leaves your home. (If you get new coverage for medical services, see the article How to know if your hospital fee is reasonable for you. You also may want to check the coverage you have and get the latest treatment numbers. Your insurance company doesn't track whether you're covered. Some organizations do.)

A higher deductible means you're paying more for routine or urgent treatment. If your costs increase significantly from the first month to the last, ask your health care provider for assistance getting the hospital down to more affordable levels.

If you're able to save money in other areas: Ask your primary care doctor, your specialists and your nurse practitioners for advice. They can provide you with information about what insurance plans cover, what types of services they cover and what fees they charge.

Don't forget to take your deductible and any other costs your doctor recommends seriously. Your doctor and other health care providers want to take care of you, too. They want to help you to stay healthy and not die prematurely.

Health care providers include hospitals, nursing homes, skilled nursing homes, outpatient clinics, psychiatric and psychotherapy facilities and doctors' offices, so you might want to include them.

Howard supports move to draft stem cell bill, which would create 'national service' for all children of illegal immigrants

Telling me that you'll bring 'the kids' back to America?


When I was governor of Florida, I signed legislation creating the state's first, national service program for illegal aliens and bringing them home to America.

You know, it's never too early to talk about the issues. My opponent calls it a bill to bring the kids back.

We've talked about creating a national service program for every child. So, no, there are no plans to do that. We have been very clear about that.

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